A photo album for the whole family to love

On the highest shelf of closets, in dusty basements, and tucked away in chests across the country sit shoeboxes and stacks of albums crammed with photos. The photo album , perhaps slightly curled and yellowed, usually chronicle all the large moments of childhood: births, first days of faculty , gap-toothed elementary-school smiles, and high-school graduations. for many years , the photo-stuffed shoebox has been a household staple.

Difference between mysocial book and passbook

Sometimes people ask us what's the difference between My Social Book and PastBook and even wonder if we are an equivalent company. We decided to elucidate what are the differences between PastBook and My Social Book and eliminate the confusion – once and for all. My Social Book may be a company that permits its users to show their Facebook timelines with all the statuses, comments, likes, locations and life events into a printed book. PastBook provides you with a platform where you'll store your photos which are otherwise scattered across different devices and media, and switch your memories into a gorgeous keepsake – a professionally-crafted hardbound photo book.

Equivalent objectives

PastBook and My Social Book strive for an equivalent goal and share similar values: we are aiming at preserving your precious memories supplying you with the chance to relive them during a hardbound book. But that’s basically everything that PastBook and my Social Book have in common.

We preserve your memories in several ways

My Social Book is kind of a diary made out of your Facebook timeline. It includes all: posts, comments, photos, likes and everything else that you simply wear your Facebook wall, without filtering any content. PastBook preserves your memories during a different way. We specialise in the most content that you simply have shared on social networks: photos of all the gorgeous moments you and your friends have captured. Since we are aiming at providing the foremost smooth and frictionless experience of photo book creation, we comb out unimportant content and provides you the ultimate product in no time.

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